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I had been meaning to go to The Daily Catch for quite some time when a friend and I decided to meet and catch up. I immediately jumped at the chance and suggested The Daily Catch, and he agreed to go. They do not take reservations (in the North End location, at least), and because we had been hearing good reviews and how popular it is, we were afraid we had to wait a long time. Upon arrival, we were relieved to see that it was pretty empty, perhaps because we didn’t go at the peak lunch time.

There are three locations of The Daily Catch, but we decided to go to the North End location, which is very small with only about five or six tables. The small space, however, provides a cozy and intimate atmosphere, especially because you can see the kitchen from wherever you sit; it feels like you are getting served homemade food.

The menu is written colorfully on a blackboard, which I felt added to the atmosphere. We ordered the Fried Calamari, Black Pasta Aglio Olio, and Clams and Linguini in White, as those seemed to be the dishes reviewers seemed to be most content with. While we waited, we chatted a bit, and it wasn’t long before our appetizer arrived.

Fried Calamari (S $9.75)

The fried calamari tasted superb! The batter was very thin and crisp, unlike those of many other restaurants, where they overdo the batter, making the outer layer too thick. The calamari was fresh and had a very nice chew to them, only enough to enjoy the flavor and then go down effortlessly. I still remember the first bite – hot and crispy, with a hint of lemon that made me and my friend nod in contentment.

Black Pasta Aglio Olio with squid (Appetizer portion $10.50)

Clams and Linguini, White ($18)

We both wanted to try the Black Pasta Aglio Olio and the Clam and Linguini, so we ordered the black pasta in appetizer portion, and shared both dishes. They were both a little too salty and the clam and linguini was a little to greasy for my taste, but they were still delicious. The black pasta’s texture was so addictive! It was pleasantly chewy and had more springiness than normal pastas, which matched the squid. The appetizer portion was enough for both of us to get a taste without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of food.

What I loved about the clam and linguini was how the pasta was served in the pan it was made in. This reminded me of the weekend nights when my dad made dinner and put down the pan, from which we would all serve ourselves. I felt more comfortable and at home as we served ourselves generous portions, just like I used to do at home.

323 Hanover St
Boston, MA 02113
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