Bangkok Bistro

I love curry. I also came to love pad thai and drunken noodles after I first tried them coming into college. I love summer rolls as well. One restaurant can satiate my cravings for all three: Bangkok Bistro, in Cleveland Circle. It’s minutes away from my school, from where I can take the free school shuttle to get to just steps away from the restaurant.

Fresh Summer rolls ($5.50)

I absolutely adore Le’s summer rolls, but I also love Bangkok Bistro’s. The cucumber gives a refreshing bite to the roll with the lettuce, which contrast with the soft vermicelli and the rice paper. Peanut sauce is my favorite for summer rolls, but the plum sauce from Bangkok Bistro is a solid sweet sauce that complements and highlights the vegetables and chicken.

Masaman Curry with Chicken and side of Steamed Rice ($10.95)

The first dish I tried from Bangkok Bistro was the Masaman Curry with Chicken. I like to eat curry with rice, so I ordered a bowl of steamed white rice as a side, which had a generous portion. The curry was pretty mild and rich from the coconut milk. It was a very good curry. When I ate most of it, however, the curry started to feel a little greasy. I later found that for me, Bangkok Bistro was not the best restaurant to go to for curry (although its curries are delicious), but for its noodles.

Pad thai Noodles ($9.95)

Quoting P, Pad thai is “a dish that represents a Thai restaurant.” It is the safest choice and also says how good the restaurant is; if this dish is not tasty, then the rest of the food on the menu must be mediocre as well. Bangkok’s pad thai is one of the dishes that keep me coming back: the shrimp is pretty fresh, and the chicken is never dry, and the noodles are never too sweet, just right to be appetizing and taste good even when cooled down.

Crispy Chicken Pad Thai

The Crispy Chicken Pad Thai is a dish a friend had once – basically a traditional pad thai, without the shrimp but with fried chicken. The noodles were tasty as usual, but I remember that the fried chicken pieces were too tough. I will be sticking to my regular pad thai dish.


They also offer Lunch Specials, which let you choose one soup, one appetizer, and one main dish.

I eat at or even get delivery from Bangkok Bistro quite frequently, especially when feeling too lazy to go into Boston. The delivered food is excellent as well, and comes steaming hot and fresh from the kitchen in a relatively short time (from the delivery companies listed on the restaurant’s site). I once ordered some drunken noodles, pad thai, and mango curry to a friend’s dorm during finals, all of which we devoured happily while watching the basketball game. Because of its proximity, convenience, and taste, I continue to crave Bangkok Bistro’s delicious noodles and curry.

1952 Beacon St
Brighton, MA 02135
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