Sometimes, I look at the menu and wish I could just order a few bites of several dishes. I am often torn between two (or more) options, and it pains me to choose one over the other. In these cases, tapas (Spanish “appetizers” and “snacks”) are perfect.

To try and snack on some tapas, P and I went on a quick Saturday lunch date to a Tapeo, a Spanish restaurant in Newbury. We got a seat by the window, which did not have the prettiest view (it was a gray parking lot), but we enjoyed people watching from the far end of the restaurant with sunlight streaming in.

I loved the table setting: the square table with square tiles, the pretty plates, and the cute candle holder.

When the waitress came to take the order, P let me do the honors of calling out our three tapas. The waitress looked quite amused, and said “You have a lovely accent!” Inside, I was thinking ‘Well, I would hope so, since I lived in a Spanish speaking country for over a decade…’

After taking the order, the waitress brought us a basket of bread. The bread was alright, although the crust was tough and a little hard to chew. The hummus was smooth with small pieces of chickpeas, which reminded me of the chunky peanut butter spreads.

Gambas al Ajillo – Sizzling Garlic Shrimp ($9.50)

After munching on bread and chatting for a bit, our Sizzling Garlic Shrimp arrived. The butter came sizzling and spread a delicious whiff of garlic butter, appealing to our hearing and smell. I took a piece of garlic with the shrimp and popped it in my mouth. Immediately, P and I looked at each other, eyes wide open. Delicious! The shrimp was fresh, plump, and bouncy. These may have been some of the freshest shrimps I’ve had.

Pato Braseado – Roasted Duckling with Berry Sauce ($10.50)

Duck is one of my favorite meats to eat, and I was excited to try the Roasted Duckling with Berry Sauce. The duck was moist and succulent. Sadly, the berry sauce overpowered and clashed with the nicely roasted duck. Had the berry sauce been a little less sweet and lighter, I feel like the dish would have been much better.

Chuletillas – Baby Lamb Chops with Apricot Sauce ($12.50)

Another meat that I love is lamb (From the choices, you can see that P let me order what I like only). Again, the meat was cooked so it remained juicy and tender. The sauce, though, was a disappointment again. We did think that this sauce matched slightly better with the lamb chops than the berry sauce did with the duck, but we wished that one, the fruit would not have been canned fruit, and two, the sauce would have been more distinctive in taste. I could definitely taste the metallic aftertaste from the canned fruit. The sauce was bland and left us hoping for more.

Although we enjoyed the restaurant and had a good time in the slightly loud restaurant talking and people watching, we thought that the prices were too high for the quality and the quantity of food served. I do think I will return sometime to give other tapas and the paella a try, but for now, I plan to check out other Spanish restaurants first.

266 Newbury St
Boston, MA 02116
Tapéo on Urbanspoon

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