Gourmet Dumpling House

When the weather is cold outside, all I want to do is go inside somewhere warm and eat some hot, delicious comfort food. A friend of mine suggested that we go to this dumpling house in Chinatown, called Gourmet Dumpling House.

At first I laughed at the name – gourmet dumplings? Ha. Let’s see how good you are. I like dumplings but they were never my favorite things to eat, so I had very low expectations. I mean, how good can dumplings get, right?

When we got there, the place was packed. I had been told that the restaurant was quite popular, but I did not expect us to actually wait in line. Fortunately, because we had more people, we got seated before the couple that was waiting before us. I was sorry, but not really – we were pretty hungry by then.

We did get an inconvenient table right in front of the kitchen where the servers went in and out constantly, but it was manageable.

There are countless items on the menu, from crab rangoons to roast pig tongue, lobster with vermicelli, stinky tofu, preserved eggs, lamb, chicken… you name it. We did not even know half the things that were on the menu, so we went with the popular dishes that seemed to have the best reviews.

Scallion Pancake ($4.25)

There were many positive reviews on the Scallion Pancake so we decided to order that, and we were not disappointed. The pancake was served hot and just off the pan, with crispy outside and a doughy inside. It was very greasy but we overlooked that because one, we don’t eat these types of food very often, and two… again, we were very hungry and in need of something warm and tasty.

The dumplings that came with the scallion pancake were the Pork and Leek Dumplings ($6.25). The skin was too thick for me, but the pork and leek stuffing had a nice balance.

Mini Juicy Dumplings with Pork ($6.50, $7.25 with crabmeat)

The best part of the meal, though, was the Soup Dumplings or as the restaurant calls them, Mini Juicy Dumplings. We ordered two kinds: pork and pork with crabmeat. The dumplings have soup from the stuffing inside them. When you pick them up, you can see the juice dropping. It was my first time trying soup dumplings, so my friend taught me his way of eating it. You place the dumpling on your spoon, bite of any side, and drink the soup. Then, I put some lemon and ginger soy sauce (that’s what I believe it is) on the dumpling, and took a first big bite.

It was so tasty! The soup was flavorful and the inside tender and juicy, making me forget the cold at once. I cannot decide which one I liked better, the pork or the pork with crabmeat – the dumpling with pork alone was succulent, but the crabmeat brought in a somewhat creamy and sweeter taste that when combine with pork, produced something magical. My mouth waters from remembering them.

I brought P here a few weeks after my first visit. Unfortunately, the food was not the same as it was before: the scallion pancake was less crispy, and the dumplings were not as juicy (and it’s not just because I was less cold that day!). Because I had hyped them up so much prior to our arrival to the restaurant, the food did not meet P’s high expectations. From that visit, I could see that the food is inconsistent in Gourmet Dumpling House. They are also not the most exquisite, luxurious food to eat. But great tasting dumplings for those prices? Please, any day!

52 Beach St
Boston, MA 02111
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