Favorite Frozen Treat Places 1: Chill

Frozen yogurt. Who doesn’t like froyo? My love and addiction for frozen yogurt goes way back in time, when it first became trendy and shops started opening. As soon as I had that first original small frozen yogurt, my life was changed. I get it whenever I have the chance to, and now, I even walk around the airports for an hour in search of a froyo shop (true story). It just makes me so much happier without the guilt from eating a scoop of ice cream.

Chill is conveniently located a shuttle ride away, in Cleveland Circle, and is very popular in the area. Sometimes there’s even a long line, and we have to wait quite some time before we can get our treat.

I almost always get the same toppings on my froyo regardless of the place: granola and shaved coconut. In Chill, I like to add mochi. These small soft and chewy sweet rice cakes taste so good when combined with the granola and frozen yogurt.

Chill has countless toppings from gummy bears and cookies to fruits, which are all always fresh and served generously.

I know, I know, I said I love frozen yogurt because it doesn’t make me feel guilty, but what can I do? I love ice cream too much to always get only froyo! Chill’s ice cream is very creamy and smooth, and come in not only the classic flavors like cookies and cream, but also unique ones like mocha explosion, burnt sugar, and carrot cake. There are over 20 flavors, of which I have only tried a few.


The sets next to the windows are also nice for people watching (what I’m good at and love to do while eating or chatting with friends). I haven’t gone to Chill in a while, but can’t wait to go back on a hot day when all I want is some good froyo or a scoop of ice cream.

354 Chestnut Hill Ave
Brighton, MA 02135
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