Roast Beast

A perfect roast beef sandwich. I think I can say that it is something everyone has craved or dreamt of at least once. Although I do not know what the perfect one would taste like, I found one that can get almost as good as it can get.

Roast Beast is a tiny shop near the Packard’s Corner T stop, almost invisible from its half-underground setting. I probably walked right past it a couple dozen times without even noticing it. When you go in, you see a bar-like seating with only about five chairs and the kitchen. It seemed to be mostly a take-out place. The blackboard behind the counter has all the choices of ingredients, rolls, and sauces written on it.

I could not make up my mind on what to put in my sandwich. The three of us were just standing there baffled, not knowing what get when I noticed a small blackboard on the counter that said “The Ianwich Sandwich.” It seemed to have a good combination of sauces and toppings that I liked, so I decided to order that to make my life easier. I do not know if they still offer it, but you can always make the sandwich exactly the way you want it to be.

Small Ianwich Sandwich

The sandwich? Amazing. The sauces, cheese, onions, and other toppings blended extremely well to create a sweet and salty, delicious sandwich. I had finished it before I knew it, and even seriously considered ordering another one.

I do wish that the cheese were more melted and that the roast beef were not cold but much warmer. It could also have used more seasoning, as it was bland. However, the combination and the final product were excellent, so I won’t complain. Actually, I still only talk about how great the sandwich was.

Large Roast Beef Sandwich ($8.00)

P and our friend both made their sandwiches to order by choosing the meat, roll, toppings, and sauces. They have a wide selection of sauces and toppings, and it’s fun to pick and choose which ones you want in your sandwich (although I got the easy way out).

One fun thing about Roast Beast is that it has what it calls a “Thermonuclear Challenge”: you eat a deadly spicy sandwich in five minutes, and you get a shirt and a photo of you on the Wall of Beasts. Brave souls! I couldn’t, even in a million years.

The staff is also amazing. The men were funny and cool, joking around with us while we waited for our sandwiches. They let us try the sauces before choosing and even gave us some spicy pickles (which is a must get!) to sample. I could see that these men were passionate and loved what they were doing. No wonder why their food tastes so good.

1080 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02215
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