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I am so broke. I vowed to spend the least money possible. So Laura – a friend from back home who also goes to school in Boston – and I decided to go on a cheap adventure to Sowa Market.

As most of you probably already know, Sowa Market is an outside market that opens every Sundays. Here, you can find many of the famous food trucks like Roxy’s and Bon Me, as well as cute stands where many come to sell various things from artisan bread and honey to hand-made jewelry and artwork.

If you ever want to find a unique gift for someone, I highly recommend going to the Sowa Market – you can stroll around and enjoy the nice summer sun as you look around at the lines of interesting products.

Anyhow, so we were walking around as Laura searched for her roommate’s birthday gift, but then of course, we got hungry. The plan was to go to my place and make a simple lunch to save money. However, things just never go the way they were planned to, and guess what? Of course we had to find Myers & Chang on the way back home.

Myers & Chang had been on my to-go list for some time (but then which one isn’t), and as soon as I spotted it, I stopped walking, and turned to my confused friend. “If you say so” was all she said, and we walked right in. YES.

The restaurant is really cute and unlike other restaurants. The small tiles on the floor and the various types of seating are all unique, almost hipster. It didn’t really feel like a restaurant, but we liked the comfortable atmosphere in which we could talk and laugh.

One plus: complementary jasmine tea! If you want tea, all you have to do is ask, and they bring some to you in a cute little tea pot. I love jasmine tea. Free jasmine tea? I love it even more.

We were given a piece of paper with the menu, which was pretty long and had us take some time deciding what to order. I thought the menu was composed of basically like Asian tapas, so we ordered several to share.

Green Papaya Slaw ($6)

Ever had green, unripe papaya? Me neither, until this dish. I never knew papaya could be so refreshing and crunchy! I’m used to the deliciously sweet and soft ones, so this was a rediscovery of papayas. The lime, cilantro, and peanuts with the green papaya made us forget the heat outside immediately. It was a beautiful start to our lunch!

Fresh Rolls ($5)

The summer roll, however, was a huge disappointment, and even more so after the papaya slaw. Because it was so hot outside, we wanted some nice cold dishes to start, but this didn’t make me so happy, even after the deadly heat. The rice paper to filling ratio was way off, and all I felt like I chewed was the rice paper. The peanut sauce that came with it was a little strange, too; it tasted sour and not sweet and salty.

Crispy Salt & Pepper Calamari ($6)

I was pretty bummed after the summer rolls, but then this plate came along. Absolutely no complaints here! The calamari was so tasty! Oh, and the fried chili? Amazing. The batter was light and super crisp, and I forgot about my disappointment from the previous dish quickly.

Pork Belly Bun ($9)

But this guy here took the trophy that day. The reason I had always wanted to go to Myers & Chang was for the pork belly buns, and they did not disappoint. Every bite she took, Laura didn’t forget to say “This is so good.” The pork belly was tender and juicy, and was elevated by the hoisin sauce (although a little too salty for my taste). The pickle gave a nice crunchy texture and refreshing acidic taste. But the bun. Oh, the bun. It was so soft! Ugh, I’m salivating from just thinking about it.

Chawanmushi ($5)

I had originally ordered the Lamb Skewers, but unfortunately, they didn’t have lamb that day. So, from the waiter’s recommendation, we ordered the Chanmushi. It’s basically steamed egg, but the result is a velvety, smooth egg custard. It was quite fishy and the portion was extremely small, but we enjoyed it nonetheless; maybe because we were also quite full by this point.

Myers & Chang is definitely on the pricey side, given the portions. But some dishes like the Pork Belly Bun and the Fried Calamari are worth every penny they were paid for.  Had I not been broke, I’m pretty sure that I would have gone back after church just to get the delicious buns! When I am no longer broke and can dine out like I used to, I am sure to go back.

1145 Washington St
Boston, MA 02118
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