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Wow. I haven’t posted in the longest time. I’m so behind! Anyhow, when I was desperately broke, I looked for decent restaurants with good food for little less than reasonable prices. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten out so much during the summer, in retrospect. Especially because I ended up having only about 24 dollars left to survive for the last two weeks. Oops. But no regrets. I started writing this post probably about like four months ago, but I should finish it, so here we go.

I keep saying that I have no money and that I will probably living off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches again, but I somehow always end up meeting up with friends for lunch or dinner quite often. As you know, the weather has been nice, so Laura and I met up again (Ok fine, the weather was just an excuse to go “explore” and try a new restaurant). After a little research, I suggested La Voile, which translates to “The Sail.”

La Voile is on Newbury Street and has a nice outdoor seating. We didn’t eat outside because it was a little too warm, and I didn’t want to sweat in my food to make it unnecessarily saltier. Or just because the inside was cute.

The space isn’t the biggest, but the red and white color scheme in a small, cozy space made me feel very welcome and intimate with the staff. Not any kind of staff, but French-speaking, French waiters and waitresses. I felt slightly like a peasant, trying to whip out my nonexistent French pronunciation skills.

Because the restaurant is so small, the dining neighbors are probably an elbow’s length away and can probably hear every word you’re saying, but no matter – everyone was minding their own business. I enjoyed the casual yet classy atmosphere.

The menu is very cute too, and the selection (from what I remember) wasn’t too bad, either.

The bread was a bummer, because the crust was extremely tough, making it difficult to pull the pieces apart even when they came mostly sliced. Too bad, because the basket was cute, and the repeated use of red made everything seem much tastier.


So the reason I convinced Laura to go to La Voile was for their $19 two-course lunch menu. We had previously made a reservation for Sel De La Terre, but ditched it for La Voile at the last minute. So the expectations? Pretty high, given the high ratings overall.

I ordered the Terrine Platter: chicken liver mousse, toast, field greens, pickles, and onion jam. The main part of the dish, the chicken liver mousse, didn’t really blow my mind. It was nothing special; in fact, it was even a little bland. The pickles and the onion jam, though! The texture of the pickle and the savory deliciousness of the onion jam definitely impressed me. It was when I put the jam, terrine, and toast together and took a bite that I got it. The combination was well-balanced, and I enjoyed my appetizer to the last bite.

Pea Risotto with Shrimp

The risotto was quite disappointing. I mean, first impression: the portion is tiny. Like, I could have eaten the whole entrée in two bites. It looked pretty, and the portion was small, so I thought hey, maybe it tastes heavenly! Nope – the rice was way, way, way overcooked! The first thing I noticed when I took my first bite was the mushiness of the sad, overcooked rice. As if that wasn’t enough, to add to the problem, it was bland. I was quite livid.

But then I tried a bite of the shrimp. Oh boy, the shrimp. It was so fresh, plum, and juicy, perfectly seasoned, and just beautiful. The shrimps saved the dish.

The nice, sunny day on Newbury could definitely have done a little better quality food, but I wasn’t too upset in the end (yey for the shrimp!). La Voile did not deliver the food I expected to get, especially given the price of $19 for two tiny portioned plates, but it was a nice trip to a nice, cute restaurant. I doubt I will be going back anytime soon, but it was worth a shot.

261 Newbury St
Boston, MA 02116
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