Restaurant Week Summer 1: Marliave

So Restaurant Week Boston Summer was a long time ago during September, but since I never wrote about any of the four trips I made, I will now. Yes, four months later. Oops. But I can remember each time pretty vividly! Especially the time I went to Marliave.

Marliave is an American/ French restaurant located in Downtown, just around the corner from the Commons. The alley that you have to go through may be a little creepy and sketchy, but you’re in it for about a minute and a half until you get there. The weather was pretty windy, but we decided to take one of the outside tables and enjoy the semi-warm temperature that was soon to be gone.

The Restaurant Week menu offered many choices, so even though I had (as always) looked at the menu prior to arriving at the restaurant, I took a long time deciding what to get. They all sounded absolutely delightful! Unlike many other restaurants that refuse to be creative or offer as good of their regular dishes, Marliave had a great selection.


For the first course, I ended up ordering the Rarebits, a melted cheese and smoked bacon dish with bread. It was tasty, but was a little too salty for my taste; tasty and good, but nowhere near mind blowing.

Cheese Platter

One of my friends got the Cheese Platter, which came with three kinds of cheese, fig jam, toasted bread, honey, and nuts. This was a winner! That day, the selection of cheese included brie, blue, and one other delicious kind of cheese, all of which tasted great and seemed to be of good quality. My favorite part though, was definitely the fig jam. I could have eaten it by the spoonful.

Funny thing is, my friend intended to order something else she saw another diner eat, but didn’t know the name and ordered the cheese platter instead. She ended up loving it, as did we, more than our own appetizers. Sweet and salty combination of cheese? Anytime. Any day.

Beef Wellington with Mushrooms and Foie Gras

Beef Wellington. Need I say more? This was the sole reason I chose to come to Marliave as soon as I saw it in the menu for RW. Juicy medium-rare meat wrapped inside a beautiful, golden puff pastry? Please, bring it to me right now. Besides that there was a little too much pastry on the sides and only two small pieces of foie gras inside, this dish was almost perfect. Perfect!

The mushrooms gave a nice earthy tone, while the foie gras provided a silky, concentrated flavor to the perfectly cooked steak. I heard some people say that wellingtons are overrated. It’s ok – we just can’t be friends. I’m just going to sit and enjoy my wellingtons whenever I get the chance to, while the rest can hate on and miss out on the deliciousness. Ugh, I want another bite right now. I was extremely sad when I took the last bit into my mouth.

Warm chocolate cake with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

(Insert any kind of dessert here) and ice cream will always win my heart, as did this one. One word: amazing. It did take them very long to get the desserts to us (an unbelievable 45 minutes), but the cake was flawless in all texture, flavor, and temperature, which contrasted beautifully with the cold ice cream. I love deep, dark chocolate flavors, and this cake enticed me immediately. I think it was one of the best warm chocolate cakes (although more like a brownie) I’ve had. Not the mention the ice cream, which was also an art in itself.

One of my friends ordered the gnocchi with beef shanks, I believe, which was also incredible. Again, as the one with the bigger stomach, I had the honor of finishing her dish when she couldn’t. We left Marliave unbelievably content and full, rubbing our protruding bellies. For the RW price, that fantastic meal was definitely a steal.

10 Bosworth St
Boston, MA 02113

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