Punjab Palace

It’s been a while! A long, long while. I decided to not be as ambitious but continue sharing my experiences, briefly. I have to catch up with a TON of places I went to this academic year, so some of these posts may be outdated, but.. better late than never, right?




IMG_9168 Garlic Nan ($3.50)

IMG_9175Chicken Tikka Masala ($13.50)

Really cute Indian restaurant in Harv Ave. The space is quite small, but the interior is endearing and warm. When I first received my dish, I thought the portions were rather small, but later realized that it was just right. The price may not be the cheapest I’ve seen, but it’s reasonable, given the friendly service and a pretty nice place. I came here with a few friends, and we all had a nice time chatting and eating good, comfortable food. I simply love going to Harv Ave – so many restaurants to choose from!

109 Brighton Ave
Allston, MA 02134
Punjab Palace on Urbanspoon

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