IMG_2747Potato Gnocchi ($18.00)

Another place that was hard to find. To make things worse, it was drizzling a bit. To top it off, if you weren’t looking for this place with your eyes wide open until they teared up (or until you gave up and used Google Map) you would probably not find it.

BUT wow, they know how to make gnocchi. Risotto and gnocchi are two dishes I cannot say “no” to in Italian restaurants, so I ordered the gnocchi. The problem of being a a lover of these small potato-flour pillows is that not many restaurants make them well (hence the reason I try not to order them sometimes). It was soft and fluffy, just tasty tasty tasty.

The steak was also pretty good, except there were way too many potatoes that were way too salty. The atmosphere and service made up for it a little though. Great date place!

228 W 10th St
New York, NY 10014

L'Artusi on Urbanspoon

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