Best sushi I’ve had. By far.

My goodness! I’ve never had fresher, better sushi before! If anyone were to ask which is my favorite restaurant, I would now answer Oishii in a heartbeat. I cannot praise this place enough! I could talk about it for hours.








I’ve tried the Kobe beef sushi and the Foie gras sushi at Fish Market before and I absolutely fell in love, swearing there could be no better thing in the world. But when I tried the same two types of sushi at Oishii, I melted. There was not a bit of resistance from the beef, and no purer form of delicious liver. The Uni was also ridiculously fresh, with the texture visibly alive and not a bit “melted.” The atmosphere was also grreeaaattt – dim but bright enough lighting with dreamy colored lights here and there. Great place for a date!

The only downside of Oishii is its price – I think it was about $180 for two, which a little back breaking for a student – but for the food we got, definitely worth every penny imaginable. I don’t think I can look at sushi the same way anymore. I wish I could dine there every week!

1166 Washington St
Boston, MA 02118
Oishii Boston on Urbanspoon

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